Manufacturing for a better energy


With the increasing of global demand for energy and an ever-changing economic scenario, the energy sector is facing new challenges. To meet consumer demand, it becomes necessary to limit shutdown times as much as possible. At the same time, Roboze 3D printing technology helps global manufacturers in the technological transition towards clean energy sources, thanks to the use of high-performance materials, efficiency of production methods and warehouse dematerialisation with consequent cost optimization.                        


  • Warehouse reduction

    Create digital twins of your components and optimize supply times and costs

  • Extreme Materials

    Materials with high chemical resistance, suitable for use in extreme environments.

  • Mitigation of risks

    Producing critical components and spare parts allows continuity of operation

Suggested material



Roboze PEEK is an engineered semi-crystalline polymer, NORSOK M710 certified, with high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent RGD (Rapid Gas Decompression) behavior.


Discover how Roboze is supporting the widespread use of additive manufacturing in the energy sector.

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