Strategic Innovation


Additive manufacturing is changing the future of the defense supply chain and how this industry designs and manufactures new and innovative solutions.

Our know-how in materials engineering, mechatronics and robotics meets even the most complex needs of this dynamic sector.

Material storage is greatly reduced with the use of additive manufacturing, enabling the production of new or spare parts whenever and wherever needed.                        


  • Production at the point of use

    Produce whatever you need on demand and just in time, close to the point of need and in a significantly short time.

  • Warehouse optimization

    Drastically reduce your warehouse, producing in a flexible and customized way.

  • Production versatility

    The wide range of Roboze polymers can meet many different requirements and extreme environments.

Suggested Material

Carbon PEEK

Carbon PEEK

Carbon fiber reinforced composite material, with the most extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance.        


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