Plus PRO

The first step in high performance additive manufacturing

Robustness, precision, reliability

From micro to UltraFAST prints with advanced materials

3D Printed High Voltage connector in PEEK

Custom 3D printing and scalability for different sectors

In-house design-test-modification cycle for the production of competitive electrical components. Produce your ultra-detailed parts from materials that match your technical requirements with the most repeatable and scalable 3D printing technology in the industry.

3D printed custom gripper for robotic arm made of Carbon PA

Support for industrial production lines

Professional 3D printer which makes your industrial production safe, fast and standardized, getting tools and equipment in half the time compared to other solutions on the market. The high dimensional accuracy of the parts, given by the technological ecosystem created, ensures quality, accuracy and repeatability of the equipment over time.

3D printed functional prototypes and finished components in super polymers and composite materials

Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Roboze's specialization in Metal Replacement and 3D Printing is a valuable tool for integrating traditional production, producing small customized batches, digitalizing the warehouse and reducing costs and delivery times of finished products.

The first step in production for super polymers

Produce functional parts in super polymers and composites

3D printed terminal block made of PEEK

Ultra-detailed PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ToolingX CF components

Maximum flexibility when it comes to super polymers and composites! The strong specialization of Roboze and the new UltraQUALITY Prometheus 3D printing profile, today allows you to obtain functional parts with an unmatched print quality.

3D printed terminal block made of PEEK
3D printed mold for thermoforming of tubes

New high performance materials

The PRO series widens the application opportunities thanks to the new Roboze PEKK and ToolingX CF materials. Roboze Plus PRO is the most complete 3D printing professional solution designed to increase the value creation of your company and generate new competitive advantages.

3D printed prototypes and equipment in half the time

Prototypes and equipment in half the time

The UltraFAST Prometheus profile implemented for Carbon PA PRO, composite with carbon fiber, and ULTRA-PLA, special PLA to support the concept validation phase, doubles the printing speed of these parts compared to other similar solutions in the market.

Combination of efficiency and speed

Technology developed on process needs

Beltless System

Accuracy and Repeatability

Roboze's patented movement system with gears, the Beltless System, has always been synonymous with repeatability and accuracy. The Roboze Plus PRO guarantees 3D printing precision of 15 microns and repeatability of the printed parts over time.

Vacuum system for 3D printing

Versatility from all angles

Roboze Plus PRO reaches high temperatures. The printing bed, with a volume of 11.8x9.8x8.7 in (300 x 250 x 220 mm-xyz), reaches temperatures up to 302°F (150°C) which, together with the vacuum technology, guarantees stability and perfect adhesion of the printed components throughout the process.

HT Dryer device for 3D printing

Quality above industry standards

The PRO series industrial 3D printers integrate the HT Dryer device which, together with the other innovative elements in the machine, has the function of preparing the material before 3D printing, drying and heating it, thus guaranteeing surface quality and mechanical performance of the parts produced.

3D printing materials

Super polymers engineered to fit your needs

3D printed parabolic actuator with PEKK

Flexible, strong, extreme materials

Roboze Plus PRO industrial 3D printer processes a large variety of engineering polymers and super polymers. From aesthetic materials such as ULTRA-PLA and ABS, passing through flexible materials such as FLEX-TPU, arriving at super polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, ToolingX CF and Carbon PEEK. Thanks to the extreme versatility and performance of the super polymers associated with the printing profiles with the Roboze Prometheus software, you can create functional prototypes and finished components for extremely different applications, reducing time and costs.

Series Comparison

Technical specifications

Plus PRO
System size(X) 790 x (Y) 690 x (Z) 1910 mm
(X) 31.1 x (Y) 27.16 x (Z) 75.2 in
Print bed(X) 300 x (Y) 250 x (Z) 220 mm
(X) 11.8 x (Y) 9.8 x (Z) 8.7 in
Precision15 μm / 0.59 mil
System weight300 Kg / 660 lb
MaterialsPEEK, Carbon PEEK, Carbon PA PRO, PEKK, ToolingX CF, PP PRO, Flex-TPU, Functional-NYLON, Strong-ABS, Ultra-PLA, MATRIX

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