Roboze One PRO

UltraFAST printing of prototypes and equipment

Design, print, validate rapidly

Reduce the design and validation time of your products

3D printed carbon PA centering tool

Performance-oriented production

Faster development and production cycles with less investment in terms of time, costs and materials. The Roboze One PRO professional 3D printer improves your workflow and offers greater autonomy in the management of processes and results.

Rapid and functional prototyping with 3D printing

Functional prototyping

Optimization of the prototyping phase, from days to a few hours, with an industrial, flexible and cost-efficient process. Cut operating costs of machines, costs of materials and labor, as well as design time.

Bracket supporting production line in half the time

UltraFAST process for faster 3D printers

The Prometheus UltraFAST print profile, developed for Roboze 3D printing PRO systems, allows you to produce Carbon PA and ULTRA-PLA parts 2 times faster than any other solution on the market. Work parameters and machine settings are quick to increase uptime.

Industrial components and equipment in half the time

Accelerate the production phase of your equipment, from days to hours

Beltless System

Accuracy and repeatability

Roboze's patented movement system with gears, the Beltless System, has always been synonymous with repeatability and accuracy. The Roboze Plus PRO guarantees printing precision of 15 microns and repeatability of the printed parts over time.

Beltless System
Vacuum system

Chemistry for adhesion

For adhesion of parts on the plate, Roboze does not use improvised methods, but polymer films that have chemical compatibility with the deposited materials. The film is changed in seconds and can be used multiple times.

Finished 3D printing of a functional prototype

Mechanical and thermal stability

The 11.8x9.8x7.9 in (300 x 250 x 200 mm-xyz) build plate of the Roboze One PRO is able to reach 212°F (100 ° C) ensuring thermal stability and adhesion of the parts during the printing phase.

Process control

Management and sensors

HT Dryer device

Material management

The HT Dryer has the function of preparing the material before 3D printing, drying and heating it, thus guaranteeing surface quality and mechanical performance of the parts produced.

Error reduction with state-of-the-art encoders

Industrial equipment

The Roboze One PRO has motors with encoders capable of automatically correcting any errors, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of movement with guaranteed tolerances.

Automated 3D printing process of the Roboze One PRO

Advanced sensors

The Roboze One PRO is equipped with sensors for the automatic material loading and detection of possible anomalies to guarantee total control of the machine status.

3D printing materials

Versatility and strength with technopolymers

Functional 3D printed tool in Carbon PA

Flexible, strong, engineering materials

Roboze One PRO processes a large variety of technopolymers. From aesthetic materials such as ULTRA-PLA and ABS, passing through flexible materials such as FLEX-TPU, arriving at Roboze's carbon-reinforced nylon, CarbonPA. Thanks to the extreme versatility and complete access to the entire portfolio, you will be able to create functional prototypes for extremely different applications, accelerating the development and validation phase, and shortening the supply times for tools and spare parts.