Roboze ARGO 500

Produce large parts and custom batches

Repeatability, automation and super polymers

ARGO 500 starts the era of customized industrial production with super polymers.

Heated chamber up to 356°F

The 3D printing process of super polymers and composites requires a homogeneously heated chamber to obtain high mechanical properties and to respect the dimensional tolerances on the part produced. The Roboze heated chamber process is the result of years of development and study of all the variables involved. ARGO 500 represents the state of the art.

3D printing for production

ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for super polymers and composites equipped with the Roboze Automate technological ecosystem, which brings industrial automation to 3D printing. Thanks to the combination of hardware, advanced sensors, B&R PLC control, Roboze Beltless technology and total process control, Roboze 3D printing is repeatable, automated and controlled, like any other industrial production process.

Super polymers and composites

ARGO 500 has been designed to produce finished parts using the highest performing super polymers and composites of the entire sector, monitoring the management of the material, from hygroscopic control to drying and preheating, up to the gradual cooling phase of the produced part. Everything is designed to achieve extraordinary mechanical performance.

3D printing meets customized industrial production

Produce parts in super polymers up to 19.7x19.7x19.7 in, replacing metals and reducing costs.

Speed and repeatability

The patented Roboze Beltless system has made the use of rubber belts in 3D printers obsolete, replacing them with racks and pinions, thus achieving the mechanical accuracy typical of a machine tool. Beltless technology, combined with the B&R industrial automation system, increases production speed, precision and repeatability of the printed parts.

Integration into production

ARGO 500 is the first 3D printer for super polymers equipped with PLC technology from B&R (ABB Group). Roboze and B&R have collaborated to bring for the first time industrial automation into 3D printing systems dedicated to metal replacement, making ARGO 500 integrate and communicate with the entire production workflow in smart factories.

Metal Replacement

Roboze has introduced on the market super polymers and composites suitable for the replacement of metal alloys in environments where high temperatures, high chemical resistance and mechanical properties are required. Thanks to industrial partnerships such as the one with Solvay, Roboze has helped hundreds of companies to change production methods and replace metals, optimizing time and costs.

Process control

Control, Certification and Communication

Automated control

In ARGO 500, all the process variables are controlled in a completely automatic way, eliminating the manual operations and the experience required by the operator - from the leveling of the build plate to the calibration of the extruder, from the insertion and automatic change of filament up to the functions of drying and preheating of the material. Everything is automated and controlled.

Process certification

Thanks to the powerful B&R industrial computer it is equipped with, the ARGO 500 controls, analyzes and stores all the information and parameters used in the production process. The system, at the end of each print cycle, creates a data log recorded automatically in the internal memory. This allows the certification of every single part produced.

Communication and maintenance

ARGO 500 is equipped with remote maintenance modules to analyze possible anomalies and to reduce the possibility of downtime for the advantage of productivity. The remote management feature includes the automatic sending of software updates to allow the ARGO 500 to evolve over time, acquiring new features, parameters and intelligence.

Printing materials

The highest performing super polymers and composites in the entire industry

Strong like Metal

ARGO 500 processes super polymers and composites such as PEEK, Carbon PEEK, ULTEM AM9085F, Carbon PA PRO, PEKK and many others, bringing 3D printing to the world of customized industrial production, replacing metal and creating series up to 3,000 parts.

The performances achieved by super polymers and composites challenge the common conception of what a plastic can do, creating a new industrial perspective, made of incredible performance and circularity of raw materials.

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Series Comparison

Technical specifications

Roboze ARGO 500
System size(X) 1935 x (Y) 1436 x (Z) 2375 mm
(X) 76.2 x (Y) 56.5 x (Z) 93.5 in
Print bed(X) 500 x (Y) 500 x (Z) 500 mm
(X) 19.7 x (Y) 19.7 x (Z) 19.7 in
Precision10μm / 0.4 mil
System weight1700 kg / 3748 lb
MaterialsPEEK, Carbon PEEK, ULTEM™ AM9085F, Carbon PA PRO, Flex-TPU, PP PRO, Functional-NYLON, Strong-ABS, Ultra-PLA, PEKK

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