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Additive manufacturing is radically transforming numerous industrial sectors, and the defense sector is no exception. 3D printing technology has opened up new possibilities for the production of complex components, enabling companies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and respond quickly to the dynamic needs of the sector. In this context, Roboze emerges as an innovative leader, offering cutting-edge solutions with advanced super polymers and composite materials that are redefining the boundaries of what is possible in defense. 

Our 3D printing systems enable the on-demand, just-in-time production of components directly in the field or at remote sites, eliminating the long lead times associated with traditional supply chains. This approach reduces downtime, allowing for the rapid repair and maintenance of critical equipment. 

By downloading our webinar, you will have the opportunity to delve into: 

•    Material Innovation: Discover how Carbon PEEK and Carbon PA PRO are redefining standards in the production of defense components, offering significant advantages over traditional materials. 

•    Practical Applications: Explore the concrete applications of Roboze materials, from hydraulic valves to equipment for armored vehicles. 

•    Benefits for the Defense Sector: Understand how 3D printing with super polymers can reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency, and offer greater design customization for the specific needs of military vehicles and equipment. 

•    Weight Reduction and Efficiency: Analyze how lightweight components improve vehicle performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. 

•    Functional Rapid Prototyping: Learn how Roboze solutions facilitate functional rapid prototyping, accelerating the design process and enabling the creation of complex geometries that are difficult to achieve with traditional methods. 

Take this opportunity to discover how Roboze is transforming the defense sector with its industrial 3D printing technology. 


Domenico Nocca

Roboze Field Service Engineer