The importance of printing materials


Additive Manufacturing is becoming more and more fundamental in the world of manufacturing, making substantial modifications in the production processes of the global manufacturing industry.

Always more powerful technologies are ready to increase their production efficiency and the companies performances.

Starting from its origin, 3D printing technology made outstanding progresses, especially during the last years. Printing materials are constantly evolving and new partnership are daily built on the market, aiming to reinforce the printed parts that have to be inserted in extreme environments for end use applications.

Roboze focus can be found in the development and implementation of polymers, developed to offer the  right solution to the industrial urgent needs. But let’s start from the beginning. What is a polymer?

A polymer is a big molecule, looking like a long chain made up of monomers, which may be linked to ramifications. Each of them can be deployed by base-units, adding properties and performances to the selected material.

Today, in the 3D printing world a wide offer of “simple” polymers like PLA, ABS, or Nylon can be found, which are now broadly available due to the introduction of 3D printing systems (particularly FFF one). Less common are those solutions which offer the chance to manufacture prototypes and/or end use parts with high performance materials like PEEK – sharing properties very similar to metal rather than plastics. Does it worth?

This is the focus of our concept and future idea.

Roboze was launched on the market only two years ago. Even if the 3D printing market moves faster in terms of innovation and progress in comparison to other markets, being able to access to specific solutions for the print of materials dedicated to metal replacement or to produce end parts with technical materials seems very difficult for small and medium enterprises and professionals in general.

Our challenge was to design and produce high quality 3D printers sharing a wide versatility of technical materials, available not only to big societies and multinationals. Progress can be reached when most of the actors of an industry share the same instruments and “fight for” their ideas and projects. How can progress be improved if its tools are available for a few people?

Roboze effort will focus on this: high engineering materials associated with innovative 3D printers, aiming to digitalize production processes.

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