Roboze’s Beltless System


Roboze enters the FFF 3D printing universe with the best top quality 3D printers in the market. See for yourself in the video

Roboze entered the 3D printing world with a new revolutionary mechanism.

Roboze wanted to create a professional tool for companies and professionals that would make your 3D prints a lot more reliable and accurate compared to the traditional 3D printers.

They entered the market with a new mechatronic movement very well known as the Beltless System.

This Beltless System consist of replacing the traditional belts with sturdy helical racks and pinions, giving Roboze’s printers an advantage of a real pin point accuracy to 0.05mm (50 microns).

Other benefits of Roboze’s revolutionary Beltless System is the “User Friendly” aspect, the maintenance in particular. All that is needed for the maintenance of the Beltless System is to simply apply a bit of oil or grease on the helical rack and that’s the job complete.

The belts all have a common problem, due to; their conditions, their own nature and their properties, a belt tends to expand or shrink causing them to print unreliable, inaccurate, bad quality prints over time. However, with the sturdy helical racks there is no such problem, providing an incomparable top quality, reliable and accurate prints.

Check out the video and explore more about Roboze’s game changing technology in the 3D printing world.