Roboze: Highlights MECSPE 2016


At Mecspe – Parma, Italy – Roboze has attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors with its novelty and its market vision.

Bari – 23 March 2016 – A few months ago Senaf, organizer of industry trade events, promised to impose MECSPE as the reference fair in the field of manufacturing in Italy. The epilogue of the event has not only met the expectations of exhibitors, but also gave way to visitors to keep abreast of new technologies and make themselves more competitive in the market.

Roboze, italian manufacturer of high-tech 3d printing solutions, one year after its official presentation on the occasion of last year’s MECSPE, raised its offer by presenting for the first time in Italy his second desktop 3D printer model: Roboze One + 400.

“It was a very busy year that gave us confirmation of the real needs of today’s companies and that gives us the right incentives to design and produce the best solutions basing directly on their demands,” said Ilaria G., Marketing Manager of Roboze. “Our brand in this year, has become known thanks to the high quality of its printers, the attention in the choice of selected business partners and seriousness in dealing with the after-sales relations. The MECSPE has given us the opportunity to get in touch with those who still do not know us. “

At MECSPE 2016, in fact, Roboze has carved out an his own space with a custom booth which attracted the attention of hundreds of visitors.

The big news this year was Roboze One + 400. It, although sharing the mechanics of the first model Roboze One who sees an international patent on the mechatronic movement of the x and y axes ensures precise, weighted and calculated working tolerances, shows a completely different logic from its predecessor.

New electronic and machine management for the control of a pair of extruders, fully engineered and produced by the company, able to reach maximum temperatures of 400 ° C. This allows printing of a wide range of advanced polymers. Beginning from PEEK and PEI, mainly used for metal replacement, then continuing with the polycarbonate, nylon filled with carbon, polycarbonate / ABS.

Reliability, stability, accuracy and versatility are the key words of Roboze 3D solutions, designed thinking just for SMEs, also as regards the price.

It is undoubtedly a very interesting novelty and Roboze team promises to continue on this path supported by real users of this technology today: companies and professionals from around the world.