Roboze Carbon PA – improve your work!


Carbon PA, Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber.

What are the characteristics? And what are the benefits?

The addition of carbon fibers to the nylon12  increases, at equal weight, the mechanical performance of nylon. The walls are more resistant and at the same time more flexible. The adhesion between the layers is stronger. All this while retaining the chemical inertness of the nylon12. Not bad!

In particular the increase in performance is related to:

  • mechanical strength
  • tensile strength
  • chemical and thermal resistance
  • density
  • durability
  • dimensional stability

What basically allows you to do? Surely pass the most severe tests defined in test specifications, while providing a significant weight reduction at competitive costs.

Then the applications are limitless! Here are some examples:

  • transmission systems
  • automotive components
  • connectors
  • electrical components
  • space probes
  • tubes
  • canoes
  • etc …

In one sentence: printing complex forms supplemented by more functions in one piece!


Information about picture:

front piece: X= 60; Y= 60; Z= 122

back piece: X= 100; Y= 100; Z= 117 

resolution: 0,20 mm