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PEEK 3D printing vs Metal production processes

When it comes to plastics, modern thermoplastics have made great progress in replicating many of the strength metals possess,without the drawbacks they were also known for.

To demonstrate the benefits of producing parts with 3D printed PEEK over traditional methods like CNC and metal 3D printing, Roboze team has tested the 3 methods and compared the main aspects manufacturers consider the most - time and cost of producing part.

Check out how you can improve your part production with Roboze Metal Replacement.

Manufacturing for Industrial and Motorsport Application

The motorsport industry is in constant motion.
The engineers in the industry, season after season, are always looking for new ways to implement their own solutions with strategic advantages in order to the success of their team.

Roboze, thanks to the high precision of its 3D printers and the supply of technical materials studied ad-hoc for the applications to which it is addressed, it is a valuable partner in the service of higher goals of its customers.

Download the white paper to learn how nylon12 could involve in Carbon PA thanks the adding of carbon fibers, crucial material for the motorsport industry.

Metal Replacing upgrading Global Additive Manufacturing

The interest in PEEK by Roboze is growing more and more.

The paper describes the main features of this high-performance material and its best applications.

Downloading the white paper you will learn:
- what is PEEK
- what's about the advantages to produce parts in PEEK with a 3d printing technology
- main features, applications and properties of PEEK

An excursus on the material that is accelerating the digitization of manufacturing in the world.

Jigs & Fixtures: Direct manufacturing of a guide bar

Jigs & Fixtures are special instruments used to simplify the production (manufacturing, assimilation and inspection) when the manufacturing part focuses on the concept of interchangeability, which means that every single part will be produced according to a well established tolerance, creating in this way a relation between J&F and machine tool.

Why are they so important? What are the main advantages?

Here is the Case: Direct manufacturing of a guide bar for bar holder

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