New Roboze One+400 3D printer supports PEEK, ULTEM and other high-performance materials


Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze has today announced a 3D printer directed to SMEs that can support high-performance thermopolymers such as PEEK and ULTEM. These materials offer excellent mechanical properties for engineering and medical applications, but are currently only available to large-scale or industrial manufacturers. With their One+400 3D printer, Roboze hopes to position itself as an active partner for worldwide small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), implementing professional manufacturing solutions and opening up new possibilities in 3D printing material availability and compatibility.

The Roboze One+400 is engineered with a pair of extruders that can reach temperatures as high as 400°C, allowing it to print a much wider range of engineering plastics than traditional 3D printers. These include polycarbonate (PC) PC/ABS, PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, also known as Plexiglas or Acrylite, can be used as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass), polyethelyn, PEEK and ULTEM among others.

In particular the last two are very promising for advanced engineering and medical applications. Due to its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, PEEK is extensively used in the aerospace, automotive and chemical process industries. It is also considered an advanced biomaterial used in medical implants—including spinal fusion devices. Meanwhile, ULTEM resin, developed by Saudi Arabian plastic giant Sabic, also offers outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness, and broad chemical resistance, however, it is currently only available to manufacturers through Stratasys.

By opening up the availability of these two high-performance materials, among many others, Roboze is opening up new possibilities in high-precision 3D printing for more SMEs than ever before.

Moreover, with the Roboze One+400’s second extruder, it is possible to print more complex geometrics and shapes thanks to the support material, or, depending on in the chemical properties of the materials, a prototype in two different materials. The One+400 model also introduces a 32-bit microprocessor and a 3.5 inch color touch screen for added user-friendliness.

Roboze is a brand of Mecatronika, company founded in 2013 to provide services in the fields of mechatronics, robotics and automotive. The Roboze One+400 will be unveiled for the first time ever at the upcoming FormNext trade show, taking place from November 17-20 in Frankfurt, while commercialization of this new 3D printer is planned for 2016.