Jigs & Fixtures: Direct manufacturing of a guide bar


Jigs & Fixtures are special instruments used to simplify the production (manufacturing, assimilation and inspection) when the manufacturing part focuses on the concept of interchangeability, which means that every single part will be produced according to a well established tolerance, creating in this way a relation between J&F and machine tool.

Why are they so important?

– J&F are used to reduce production costs, because they’re not included in the core of the production, as well as the setting time of the machine tools.
– Increase production
– Assure parts printed with very high accuracy level
– Enable the manufacturing of heavy and complex shaped parts
– They partially automate the tool
– Assure interchangeability
– Increase occupational safety, reducing accident risks

3D printing: what are the main advantages?

– Significant reduction of costs
– Reduction of procurement times
– Free to vary geometry according to the requirements without significant cost variation.
– On-demand production, reducing the limited inventory space
– Environmentally sustainable, reducing the waste of the material used during the production of these parts

The Case: Direct manufacturing of a guide bar for bar holder


Operating requirements of the part

– Chemical resistance to oils
– Abrasion resistance
– Wear resistance
– Easily interchangeable in relation to the diameters of the bars

Printed component with Roboze One vs acquired component





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