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In recent years, techno-polymer engineering plastics technology has achieved remarkable results in terms of mechanical and thermal performance: Objects made with these materials exhibit light weight, strength, cost efficiency, and durability compared to those made with metal alloys.

The replacement of metals with polymers affects the mechanical, electrical and electronic, transport, food, medical, industrial machinery, household appliances, plumbing, and aviation sectors.

The Roboze team is constantly developing and printing engineering plastics, enabling our customers to obtain prototypes and finished products ready to be used in various applications.


The 3D printing scenarios in recent years are marking the way to think about the production, mainly in the areas of aerospace and defense, which gave a significant stimulus to the development of new and innovative solutions for the benefit of end users.
Material engineering and the high background in mechatronics and robotics, lead Roboze at the forefront in this fascinating field.


As for the automotive sector, the motorsport sees the global market in continuous motion. Companies concentrate increasingly on the value creation by focusing on the actual performance of its products. Strength capacity, resistance to shock, external stress and high temperatures, make Roboze a valuable ally. Roboze One + 400, in particular, offers to the R&D departments the ability to produce their own components quickly and with advanced materials, such as Carbon PA and PEEK, ready to be assembled and tested directly on the road.


The automotive industry is undergoing a pivotal shift. The transition from fossil fuels to green solutions, the increasing possibility of vehicle customization, and global competition combine to create a constantly changing market.

With Roboze, designers and engineers can realize their ideas in a matter of hours, and subject them to mechanical and functional testing.


Electronics is one of the most important areas of actual business: It is characterized by a high heterogeneity and obsolescence due to rapid innovation.

Roboze solutions enable the electronics industry to generate quick solutions by creating realistic and highly accurate prototypes – even for smaller models – using a wide range of thermoplastic engineering materials.


Designing a brand-new smile is the result of several important steps performed optimally.

Thanks to its patented mechatronic motion system, Roboze offers a strategic tool that allows the creation of dental structures, models for aligners, plaster casts, and bone sections with versatility, speed, accuracy, and at lower cost.


The development of technical materials combined with the mechatronic motion of the axes enables a working tolerance of up to 25 microns, in turn enabling companies in the mechanical industry to realize suitable prototypes for functional and mechanical pre-production testing.


In the manufacturing world it is vital to have suitable and customized tools for each individual factory processes.

With the possibility to produce custom parts in a short time with innovative materials also for metal replacement, the Roboze solutions optimize economically the production and ensure conformity and interchangeability across the production cycles.

With flexibility and ability to internally produce own tooling and jigs, each manufacturing enterprise can adapt its processing cycles to ever-changing market. Roboze 3D printing technology substantially decrease lead time, offering a powerful solution to digitize manufacturing


With increasing global demand for energy and with an economic scenario evolving, the oil and gas sector is facing new challenges.
The Roboze solutions provide companies the ability of this sector, linked to the opportunity, to optimize their performance in terms of reduction of costs and improvement of production processes. The selection of super-tech materials such as PEEK extend the boundaries of this sector by combining the power of 3D printing to chemical, physical and thermal properties of unique materials in the world.


Functional products, ready to be used and tested, leading to your finished product.

With Roboze 3D printers, you can create concept models, functional prototypes and finished parts using a wide selection of high-performance materials. Our printers’ mechanical, thermal and chemical endurance enables rapid development of products with very complex shapes.


The increasing demand for customized products is making mass production obsolete.

Thanks to Roboze AM solutions and versatility of materials, we’re able to offer our customers the ability to produce customized small series in order to meet the needs of each consumer.

Here are some examples