Accurate and precise are the same thing?


Accurate and precise are the same thing?

The answer is no. Now let’s explain why.

The accurate term can be used when a 3D print object respects the size of the CAD project.

The precise term, however, can be used when more printed objects are very similar to each other.

One can easily deduce the subtle boundary between the two words which, in everyday use, are synonymous, but in the technical jargon, and therefore in the world of 3D printing, they are words that are related but have different meanings. To better understand the difference we give you an example.


The pictures presented here exactly defines the relationship between accuracy and precision: the accuracy is the ability to produce an object, having dimensions equal to those of the CAD model; the precision is the ability to get different objects, having actual dimensions, how much more similar to each other.

In order to get precise objects, Roboze has patented a new system: the Belt-less System; this system guarantees precision and accuracy in printing and, in a productive way, repeatability thanks to the use of steel racks. Other machines, in fact, use rubber belts, which can alter the final result, because by their nature tend to give responses that alter the measures in dragging the extruder body in its movements to deform over time.

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