• Roboze One +400

    Breaking the boundaries of techno-polymers additive manufacturing

Do, or do not:

There is no "try"

  • Extruders over 400°C

    Designed for reaching very high temperatures and printing high viscosity materials (patent pending)

  • Power and Control

    New firmware for a full control

  • Mechanical precision

    Powered by the revolutionary Roboze Beltless System

  • Techno-polymers

    Peek, polycarbonate, nylon 12 and 10 other material

  • Resolution

    Up to REAL 25 microns. Simply unique!

  • Functional Prototypes

    To settle the finished product

Extruders over 400°C

Designed for reaching very high temperatures and print high viscosity materials (patent pending)

High Temperatures

The new extruder can reach temperatures over 400 °C, allowing the printing of engineering plastics such as PEEK, PEI, CarbonPA. The second extruder may be dedicated to the printing of the soluble or break away support.


The extruder has been designed and optimized for heat dissipation, and equipped with an air cooling system

Building Materials

Entirely produced in AISI 303 by CNC lathe. We designed the Roboze One + 400 extruder based on the principles of thermodynamics and engineering materials (patent pending)

New Firmware and Controls

All the power of Roboze One +400, easily

More Power

The Roboze One +400 is equipped with proprietary firmware and electronics designed to express full mechatronic potential and safely reach very high extrusion temperatures

5” Touch Screen

Easy-to-use and intuitive, thanks to the new color 5-inch touch screen

Customize Benchmark

Brand new functions allow you to easily customize the benchmark of the project at hand

Accuracy, as Usual

The Roboze Beltless System

Beltless System

For the X and Y axes, the motion is entrusted by helical racks and pinions in direct contact, allowing fluent motion and accurate positioning.

The Best Components in Z

High definition in rapid prototyping depends upon several factors. We insert a C7 spindle ball screw, which ensures the resolution of the layers.

It’s in the Details

We design and manufacture our machines’ internal mechanical components. Our production department works with latest-generation machines in CNC metal cutting applications

13 Technical Materials



Techno-polymer engineering plastics with excellent mechanical and thermal properties

Nylon 12, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS, TPU

Several materials available; find the most suitable for your project

Functional Prototypes and Finished Products

A wide range of materials enables you to work on your prototypes or realize small series in the best way suitable for your needs


Real 25 microns

It’s all about Attention to Detail

In addition to the choice of the best mechanical components on the market and our knowledge of mechatronics, our system enables us to reach an unmatched quality level

Heated Buildplate up to 150°C

The glazed anticorodal 6082 buildplate reaches up to 150°C in order to print with the most complex techno-polymer, ensuring grip and sealing

Print Area

A larger print area – 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm (xyz) – to realize your bigger projects

Functional Prototypes

Work on prototypes to settle the finished product

Real Measures

The tolerances are weighted and pre-calculated. The mechatronics motion ensures 50 microns on both the X and Y axes

Functional Test

Functional products ready to be tested and used, according to your production needs