• Roboze One

    The most accurate FFF 3D printer. Now with 10 printing materials

Created to Create

  • Repeatability

    Revolutionary Beltless System

  • New Extruder

    Stainless steel extruder up to 300°C

  • Technical Materials

    The ultimate in versatility with 10 functional advanced thermoplastics

  • Accuracy

    Print parts with a resolution up to REAL 25 microns

  • User Friendly System

    Intuitive interface and user-friendly maintenance

  • Quality

    Designed and made in Italy

Printing Repeatability

We designed what no one has ever thought of before

Revolutionary Beltless System

The motion in the X and Y axes is provided by helical racks and pinions, enabling the positioning precision of 0.025 mm.

Z axis

Roboze One 3D printer uses a C7 ball screw with flexible motor coupling, enabling precision up to 0.025 mm.

Quality Components

The Roboze 3D printers are internally manufactured. All the components of Roboze solutions share stable and durable components. The electro-galvanized steel chassis, designed for the release of the machine’s vibrations, the internal components in anticorodal 6082 steel, steel AISI 303, revised, hardened and chromate steel bars C50 , make Roboze printers a reliable and qualified partner, with high reuse rates, speeding up ROI.

Extruder and Build Plate

Extruder designed and manufactured entirely in stainless steel for 2.5 more useable life

Extrusion Head

The extruder is the heart of fused filament technology. We completely redesigned it in order to conduct heat precisely where the material softens, and dissipate it throughout the rest of the surface.

Building Materials

This key element deserves the best: The internal part is totally produced by CNC automatic machines and is made ​​of AISI 303 to ensure superior durability and heat dissipation.

Removable Build Plate

The electrogalvanized build plate heats up to 100°c, providing grip and sealing on even very long processes.
The removable build plate allows the removal of the printed parts easily and in total safety.

Technical Materials

Versatility of all Roboze materials

Speed up the time-to-market

Our advanced quality materials are developed to respond to any functional test based on applications


The versatility of new Roboze One engineering grade materials offers to designers and final users more options in the field of functional rapid prototyping and end parts. CARBON PA, PC-ABS, Nylon 6, ASA, ABS-ESD and other 5 advanced materials offer the highest level of versatility.

Key Partnerships

We work closely with international technology leaders to develop brand-new materials and open up new directions in the field.

Accuracy Made in Italy

25 micron and repeatability of printed parts

Tolerances in 25 micron

The Beltless System steps up with upgraded electronics allows printing durable parts with real tolerances of 25 microns. The experience in the field of precision mechanics for the metalworking and the new electronics, perfect the previous model of Roboze One and enhance it to obtain unprecedented accuracy of FFF 3D printing systems.

Upgraded Electronics

New electrical components in the New Roboze One make the machine more accurate and with less vibrations, reducing the machine’s noise, and offer the best solution for every environment.

Build Volume

280 x 220 x 200 mm (xyz): free rein for bigger ideas

User Friendly System

Intuitive interface and user-friendly maintenance

User-Friendly Maintenance

The Roboze additive manufacturing solutions are the only ones in the world with Beltless System. This axis motion system ensures repeatability of printed objects on one side, and on the other allows a very easy management of the axes maintenance. The Beltless System is designed and manufactured in hardened steel, ensuring a long mechanical life.

Touch-screen 3,5 inch

The touch screen color display 3,5 inch offers better management and usability of the machine controls. Intuitive and appealing in the new graphic interface, the interaction between user and machine becomes user-friendly with an aesthetic touch Roboze branded.


New Roboze One was planned based on the needs of professionals and companies, that look for high working accuracy and functionality of printing materials. Roboze R&D team added a block system to make final user safer. This system, in case of emergency if pushed, blocks immediately the machine. Occupational safety and health is too important to be left out.


Designed and made in Italy

Manufacturing Process

We guarantee our quality by regularly following up our own as well as our suppliers’ manufacturing processes.

Assembly Chain

Every step along the assembly chain is regularly tested and certified.

Quality Assurance and Control

We regularly and stringently test the quality of our products. For each product, we guarantee compliance with international standards and customer requirements.

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